Anyone living the nine-to-five life knows the occasional need to get away for some rest and relaxation. What that means can mean many things to different people: some people prefer a privacy, others want to spend time in the ocean and others still prefer to be pampered in a luxury hotel-type environment. But what if you could have all three? Whatever you’re picturing, we can almost guarantee it’s not this.




A new vacation experience coming out of Japan finds an ingenious way to combine these three components, though it’s likely not everyone will be up for the experience. The idea is a new project from Huis Ten Bosch, a Dutch-themed amusement park in Japan, and is designed to be completely new. It is, in essence, a floating personal hotel—the park has created a number of small spherical luxury hotel rooms which can house one to four people and which are designed to float on the open ocean.

Though each sphere comes with its own bathroom and beds, the overall purpose is to float across the Omura Bay to a 10-acre island where clients can experience a range of adventure-themed attractions. What these adventures are exactly remains to be seen though we can bet they’re pretty exciting if it takes an open ocean voyage to get to them.


What makes this story so intriguing is how it raises the question of what we really consider fun and relaxing. On the one hand, floating on the ocean in a luxury hotel bubble is arguably the coolest thing you could do—the fact that there are adventures waiting at the end just makes it all the more fun. On the other hand, it could be pretty easy to get claustrophobic in one of those tiny little orbs, not to mention you would have no control over the weather (and by extension, the ocean) after you get shipped out. And let’s not even get into scenarios of what could happen to those susceptible to seasickness. Still, maybe these hotel-ships have some sort of stabilization technology that could prevent that.

Although this getaway package is relatively esoteric so far, would you volunteer for this trip if it ever came stateside? It would certainly be a fun story to tell friends… but it may also mean facing some fears. Let us know if you would do it in the comments below.